The Trinity Commons Foundation is committed to fulfilling the vision of the Trinity River Corridor as approved by the voters: flood protection for homes and businesses, thousands of acres of parkland and water amenities for area residents, and a parkway to relieve congestion and improve air quality.

The Trinity Commons Foundation, Inc. will work with all interested parties to maintain lines of communication, further momentum, encourage economic development and ensure that funding, both public and private, is equal to the needs of a well-designed project that respects and improves the environment while providing full access and enjoyment of the Trinity River Corridor for generations to come.

Role and Priorities

The Trinity Commons Foundation is a nonprofit grass-roots organization committed to the full realization of the Trinity River Corridor Citizens Committee (TRCCC) report of 1996. This vision was unanimously adopted by the Dallas City Council. It also served as the framework for the 1998 Bond Program that included $246 million for improvements to the area.

That report stated that, “a structural organization must be created … to support open space dedication and nurture the growth of the programs and projects necessary to manifest the TRCCC vision.”

We will continue the TRCCC tradition of an active committee structure and periodic public meetings held throughout the city. Their goals — to both inform and to listen. We believe public participation in a project of this magnitude is a must.

We selected the name Trinity Commons to symbolize the river as a common meeting place for all of Dallas. The organization will ensure that adequate funding, both private and public, is equal to the needs of a well-designed project.

We will support a transformation of the corridor that respects and improves the environment and that offers full access and enjoyment for generations to come.


Dallas is fortunate to have so many citizens who care passionately about the Trinity River … and the project that is transforming it into a world-class destination.

Leading the Trinity Commons Foundation are a group of individuals who possess profound respect for the waterway and bring extensive experience in civic involvement.

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Our Team

Mahamed Glover

Sianna Wang

Rudy Riddle

Eileen Noble

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